COMMUNITY BUILT STRAWBALE PROJECTS Here are a few examples of our strawbale wall small houses built with members of the Community, including one real barn raising project. These projects completed during the strawbale exploration and teaching phase in the Inland Northwest during the 1990’s. Members of the Inland Chapter of the NWEBG helped each other with their projects, while using workshops to instruct the publc how to build and plaster a Strawbale wall.








SPREAD RESIDENCE Built in a Spokane, Washington inner-city neighborhood, the spread residence was the first straw-bale building (1997) constructed in a major city in the Northwest. Spokane Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP) initiated the project and owns the building, providing housing for a low-income family in Spokane. This community-built and city-funded home demonstrates the possibility of providing ecological housing for inner-city neighborhoods....Read more.

Community Built Straw Bale, photo 1

South Glass Opens Great Room to Sun

SCCD STRAWBALE HOUSING Spokane County Conservation District strawbale housing project was a first attempt to put straw-bale construction in direct competition with stick-built homes on the speculative market in Washington State....Read more.

Community Built Straw Bale, photo 2

Southeast View of Corner Lot House

SCCD, photo 3

South View of Center Lot House

CROUSE RESIDENCE This 1600sf 2 bedroom strawbale house in Chattaroy Washington was built with the help of friends the owner met at the SPREAD bale raising workshop a few years earlier. The owner had a contractor build the frame structure and the workshop members stacked and plastered the exterior strawbale walls, helping the owner realize her dream of building her own house built of bales.

Crouse Residence, photo 4

Southwest View

Crouse Residence, photo 5

Curved North Strawbale Wall

STRAWBALE BARN RESIDENCE This post and beam barn structure west of Cheney, Washington was enclosed with load-bearing strawbales. The owner had a contractor build the frame shell and the NWEBG workshop members built and plastered the exterior walls.

Straw Bale Barn, photo 6

Load Bearing Strawbale Barn Enclosure

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