ECOLOGICAL RESOURCES: Explore the elements, materials and methods of sustainable and ecological design. Link to other web sites for more information, find info on workshops and seminars, to find publications and more examples.

Jana Lane Guest House

ELEMENTS OF SUSTAINABLE DESIGN for Natural Healthy Energy Effective Homes

Working on sizing a straw bale

STRAW BALE CONSTRUCTION Information on Straw Bale construction methods. Links to Straw Bale web sites, and lists of publications on Straw Bale construction.

Foam block

RECYCLED WALL FORM & FOAM PANEL SYSTEM Information on recycled wood and recycled foam insulation concrete forms (ICFs). Web links for general information on (ICFs). Information on Structural Insulated Foam Panels (SIP).

Earthen Structure

EARTH AND COB CONSTRUCTION See these web links for Earth Construction, Cob Construction, and Earthen Plasters and publications on building from Earth.

Healthy Finish

HEALTHY FINISH MATERIALS Information on healthy finishes for construction, where to find more information and places to purchase.

ORGANIZATIONS & PUBLICATIONS Lists of organizations and publications involved in Sustainable and Natural Building Methods, media and web links.



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