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Idaho Smart Growth Award - Heartwood Center

Preservation Idaho selected the Heartwood Center for their 2015 Orchids & Onions Award.

�This 1908 church served Sandpoint�s catholic community for over a century. Its tasteful renovation as an event center will allow this sacred space to shine while it continues to serve its community. Preservation Idaho is glad to recognize this project with an Orchid for Contribution to Historic Preservation.�..... read more here and here.

Idaho Smart Growth Award - Heartwood Center

Idaho Smart Growth has selected the Heartwood Center for their 2014 Small Community Grow Smart Award (pdf | jpg).

When Mark and Susie Kubiak decided to purchase the historic 1908 St Joseph Catholic Church in Sandpoint, Idaho, they were faced with the difficult task of deciding how to adapt the very distinct layout and space of a church into another use��. Their goal was �to save the building from demolition, to save the trees, and save the feeling and history of this community building for the future residents of more.

Daily Bee Heartword Center Award

Heartwood reels in Award. Center recognized for positive community impact: From an article by David Gunter in Sandpoint Daily Bee, December 21 2014.

Since 2005, the non-profit organization Idaho Smart Growth has presented its Grow Smart Award to municipalities and individual projects, recognizing them for the part they play in creating vibrant Communities. This year, the Heartwood Center was presented with the award in the small community more.

Hidden density

Saving the Corner: The Heartwood Center (pdf | html )
From an article �Recycled Buildings� by Sandy Compton in Sandpoint Magazine

The Heartwood Center, formerly known as the St Joseph�s Catholic Church and the inspiration of Susie and Mark Kubiak. �It started with wanting to save the integrity of this corner�, says Susie. �We wanted to restore the buildings as well as save the trees and preserve the park-like setting.� With the help of architect Bruce Millard, landscape architect Karen Oleson, interior designer Marti Kellogg, and general contractor Jim Dustman, the Kubiaks have achieved their more.

Hidden density

Hidden Density: From the article "Think Frugal" in Green Builder Magazine, July 2008. Park Cottages was chosen as one of three case studies in affordable, green homes.

"Hidden Density: These multi-family units look like single-family homes, yet offer green homes to renters of modest means. We took a look at several of architect Bruce Millard's sustainable projects..." read more.

Click here to view the printed version of "Think Frugal" by Matthew Power.

Small Homes that live large

Leading By Example, by Cate Huisman. BUILDING - A Resource for Inland Northwest property Owners.

Steve Lockwood and Molly O’Reilly enjoy being able to walk most places they need to go from their small home near the center of Sandpoint. But as the town’s rising home prices have forced many working people out of its home market, the couple have been dismayed that fewer and fewer others can enjoy the benefits of living close in.

North Idaho Lifestyle Magazine, Summer 2006

Home Sweet Home, by Robert Eastman of Lifestyle Magazine. An interview with Bruce Eugene Millard - Architect, at the Studio of Sustainable Design.

"Bruce's work was not simply about grabbing onto the current trend of 'green' everything, or just about the use of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials in the buildings he designs. A passionate determination to live every aspect of his life in as sustainable a manner as possible is the driving force behind his life and being".

park conttages, aerial view photo

Park Cottages received first place award from Idaho Smart Growth at the first Annual 'Grow Smart Awards' in Boise. The Grow Smart Jury selected the Park Cottage as the co-winner of the 'Attached Residential Category'. This 16 unit rental housing project, developed by Steve Lockwood is presently under construction next to Hickory Park in Sandpoint, Idaho.  
Idaho Smart Growth
is a non-profit organization that encourages alternatives to current growth patterns.

McBirney Residence, photo 11

McBirney Residence featured by Fine Homebuilding Magazine:

A Rustic Design for a Rugged Climate
Tailored to emphasize the surrounding views, this open floor plan executed in durable materials is sheltered by insulating concrete walls
by Martin McBirney

The McBirney Residence is featured in Small Houses That Live Large, the best 15 houses of Fine Homebuilding Houses under 2500sf. Winter Spring 2007 publication.

Award photo

Chittick Residence featured in 'Homes Across America, 2004 Showcase Homes'.

Homes Across America program recognizes the house design's commitment to, and understanding of, the best practices associated with high performance, quality, durability, comfort, and health in resource efficient home building.


Hidden density

Rural Idaho behind ... or...? Architect Bruce Millard of Sandpoint�s Studio of Sustainable Design said his work with rural people has shown him their understanding of the need for sustainable living runs deep.

�What we�ve been doing is deep-rooted in the health of our children and the health of the planet, and if you understand that, there is nothing but green; there is nothing but sustainability,� he said.

cover photo

Inland Northwest Catalyst Magazine reviews the economics of Building Green in the Inland Northwest in their September issue. The article includes photos of the Studio of Sustainable Design's Straw Bale Studio and comments from Bruce Millard, as well as other NWEBG members.

"...educational seminars by NWEBG and similar groups are helping to build awareness locally and the region will continue its tread toward more green construction in the future."

Small Homes that live large

Cozy Cottages: Developers create small, diverse community, by Terri Casey, Spokemans Review.

A California backyard featured in Sunset magazine? No, this is Park Cottages, a healthy, sustainable complex of studio and one-bedroom apartments in Sandpoint. Developed by owners Steve Lockwood and Molly O'Reilly, designed by "green" architect Bruce Millard.

Small Homes that live large

Small Homes that live large, The Best of Fine Homebuilding, houses under 2500 sq. ft. includes the McBirney Residence as one of the best 15 smaller houses featured in Fine Homebuilding Magazine over the last 25 years!

Original published in Fine Homebuilding in December 2005.

Cover photo

Serious Straw Bale by Paul Lacinski and Michael Bergeron, published by Chelsea Green, discusses straw bale construction for all climates.

"Once people try this type of construction, they absorb it and agree with it, and begin to recognize it as a concept, as a psychological departure from the idea that industry is somehow more sophisticated than nature..."

Bruce Millard

cover photo

The New Strawbale Home comprises floor plans and images from forty cutting-edge homes across North America.

We are pleased that the Barrett Residence was featured in this professionally composed photographic book on straw-bale homes.

"Serene views of the placid lake dominate this spacious, light-filled great room and peaceful bedroom."

Catherine Wanek

Sandpoint Magazine 

Article Architect of Good Health in the Summer 1998 issue by Sandy Compton.

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