WELCOME to the Studio of Sustainable Design, located in Sandpoint, Idaho. Directed by Architect Bruce Eugene Millard, the Studio focuses on the design of healthy, green, sustainable, and holistic buildings for personal environments and livable communities. Enter our Web home and see projects for inviting, ecologically designed houses, non-residential buildings, and multi-family communities. Visit our news page for updates on our current projects and media coverage. Check out our resources page to learn where to find more information on ecological design. Visit the about us page and see how we help our clients build with sustainable methods. And, of course, please contact us or stop by our straw bale studio to talk about building the space of your dreams.

Idaho Smart Growth has selected the Heartwood Center for their 2014 Small Community Grow Smart Award.


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Lockwood Residence - A compact Urban Infill single family house in Sandpoint, Idaho, for a retired couple that desired a passive solar-low energy house. This simple one level, two bedroom-bath design achieved very low energy use through high levels of insulation and tight air sealing.


Inspiring and mind opening reading on why our work on positively affecting climate change has failed and what we need to collectively change to change the road we are on.


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