HEARTWOOD CENTER Historic St Joseph Catholic Church, a Sandpoint community landmark built in 1907, transformed into a community gathering and performance center. The restored historic building elements retains the image of the community while the new lobby and entrance elements connect the various assembly spaces. Extensive interior and exterior renovation from top to bottom includes accessibility, building insulation and air sealing solutions, and new low energy HVAC and lighting systems.








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Park Cottages, site plan, photo 1

Ceremonial Entrance

Heartwood Center, photo 01-HC-310.jpg

Original 1907 Church

Heartwood Center, photo 02a-HC-310.jpg

1960 Church Additions

The original 1907 Gothic form brick bearing wall chapel had minor porch additions prior to the 1960 expansion to the south and the two level annex addition to the west, that doubled its footprint.

The original building's 19/12 roof and walls were in great structural condition, while the brick veneered wood frame additions required extensive structural renovations from the foundation to a new roof structures.

Heartwood Center, photo 05-HC-640.jpg

Courtyard view of the new glass lobby structure & entry water garden

Heartwood Center, photo SP-HC-640.jpg

Site plan indicating new & renovated building & site water gardens

Heartwood Center, photo 07-HC-420.jpg

'Green Wall' encloses exit stairs and refuse area

The new site and building elements were arranged to save the existing trees and enhance the original architecture. The lobby entrance was placed between the original chapel and the 1960 annex addition. The entrance from Oak St and the new west parking lot is thru the treed courtyard along the new water landscape gardens by Karen Oleson of Siteline Design to a glass low roof lobby.... Read More

“It was the whole package that attracted us to the property. This street has such great trees and I wanted to preserve that park-like feel, that’s where the name Heartwood came from.”

Susie Kubiak, owner

The original chapel interior shape and window detailing were retained while adding wall insulation sealing system, acoustics, lighting and cork flooring. The original chapel's altar arch was repaired and the altar area expanded into a Hall for a small performance stage. Interior designer Marti Kellogg ASID worked closely with the architect and the owner on all interior elements and exterior colors. The new multi use Hall lighting and stage system are 100% led and programmable for flexible and changing interiors and performances.

Heartwood Center, photo R10-HC-640.jpg

Heartwood Center Hall set up for performance

Idaho Smart Growth has selected the Heartwood Center for their 2014 Small Community Grow Smart Award.

When Mark and Susie Kubiak decided to purchase the historic 1908 St Joseph Catholic Church in Sandpoint, Idaho, they were faced with the difficult task of deciding how to adapt the very distinct layout and space of a church into another use……. Their goal was “to save the building from demolition, to save the trees, and save the feeling and history of this community building for the future residents of Sandpoint.”.... Read More

“The resulting remodel of the facility provides a stunning example which leaves both visitors and passerby breathless and in awe of the transformation of both the natural space and the physical structure.”

Jeremy Grimm, planning and community development director for the City of Sandpoint
Heartwood Center, photo 18-HC-220.jpg

Lobby roof skylight connection
to original chapel wall

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