COPELAND-PAYTON RESIDENCE This compact mountain residence grows from the south sloping forest clearing on a rural development site west of Sandpoint, Idaho. The design evolves around filling the house with the warmth of the sun, while naturally cooling the spaces in the summer.








Copeland-Payton Residence, East view, photo 1

Copeland-Payton Residence, driveway, photo 2 The site design concept tucks the garage and house into the hillside to the north and west, while separating the house entry from the garage, thus removing the car from the compact exterior house environment. Construction is of Rastra ICF forms walls on north and wast, and stud construction on north and east. The roof opens up to the southern view and sun, and slopes down to the ground to the north.

Copeland-Payton Residence, roof, photo 3

The upper level extends a large deck to the natural rock landscaping, expanding the living environment into the exterior. High windows view the interior spaces, while blocking the western sun. The house grows out of the benched site, when viewed from the lower site. Roof dormers windows bring light into the depths of the great room, while providing passive cooling on hot summer days.

Copeland-Payton residence, west deck, photo 4 Copeland-Payton residence, south view, photo 5

Copeland-Payton residence, Great Room, photo 6

The porch entrance opens into the Great Room, which is filled with light and views of the lake and mountains. Stained concrete radiant heated floors, local rough wood timbers, and pine ceiling provide a naturally finished soothing interior for the cold and gray days of North Idaho winters. The master bedroom is west of the great room, with bedroom, office-guest room and loft above.
Copeland-Payton residence, sink, photo 8
Copeland-Payton residence, sink, photo 7

Copeland-Payton residence, detail, photo 9Locally obtained stone countertops and backsplash create a kitchen environment that mimics cooking on the rocks in the mountains. Broken glass embedded in cement stucco, provide rustic and expressive detailing.

Copeland-Payton residence, curved wall, photo 10 Copeland-Payton residence, tub, photo 11

Sandpoint stone artisan Tim Thomas uses this native stone detailing within the curved great room separation wall, master bedroom platform tub, and fire surround room divider. The fire surrounds create a private mediation alcove, with computer work desk, and shelving for books and sound equipment. Local stone is used as accent and mantle-hearth, for this marble enclosed wood stove element.
Copeland-Payton residence, fireplace, photo 12

Copeland-Payton residence, notebook, photo 13 Copeland-Payton residence, fire detail, photo 14

Copeland-Payton residence, patio stone, photo 15Copeland-Payton residence, view patio, photo 17

Naturally shaped and stain concrete used for porch and view patio.

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