This rental housing community was conceived as one that would showcase Smart Growth Principles and Eco-Friendly building methods and management.

Eco-friendly and Green Features include:

  • Urban Infill site selected for it’s central neighborhood location and connection to community services.
    • Solar orientated site planning for passive heating and natural lighting
    • All units have southern windows
    • Arrangement of units on site provide southern light thru out the winter months
    • Building roof design for future solar collectors
    • All units have southern and northern windows
    • End units have windows on 3 elevations
  • 16 units in four buildings use common wall construction to decrease materials and long-term
    energy use.
    • Neighborhood site planning
    • 2 buildings face street with small porches connecting to sidewalks
    • 2 buildings based on internal court concept, with edible landscaping
    • Car parking on interior of site and street parking
    • Gate structure connects Neighborhood Park to community
  • Small and compact units grouped in a manner to encourage personal interaction
    • 16 units in 4 buildings
    • 10 studio units at 450sf
    • 6 one bedrooms at 600sf plus
  • Exterior wall construction of 85% recycled ICF wall system manufactured by Rastra
    • 12” wall concrete filled wall system is 5 hour fire rated
    • High insulation and thermal mass values
    • Durable and long lasting material
    • Highly insulated wood frame wall on upper levels.
  • Exterior ICF walls finished in Lime plaster
    • Durable and sustainable material
  • Fiberglass windows - lowers used of vinyl products in construction
  • Interior surfaces of Rastra walls finished in with no paint finishes
  • Stained finished Concrete Floors
  • Radiant slab heating system with common boilers lower heating costs for Owner
  • All insulation level much greater than energy code requirements
  • Individual entry porches for all first floor units
  • All first floor and some second floor units have individual north and south porches or decks
  • Common community room and laundry facilities with user friendly patio
  • Lower then code parking requirements decrease site paving – 1.38 spaces per unit
  • Bike racks at each building
  • Natural – no mow landscaping design
    • Permaculture/Native Planting Model
    • Perennial Plant Communities
    • Low Water Planting
    • Edible Landscape elements used by Tenants
    • Storm water swales use native riparian vegetation
  • Composting and recycling facilities on site
  • Tenant gardening encouraged.